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Feb 14, 2012.

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For the promotion of lovingly-prepared coffee, plus, offer reviews on innovative coffee products (found within
Seattle Washington. USA.)

Downtown + Waterfront Belltown,
Queen Anne
Madison Park, Seaward Park, Madrona
Capitol Hill, Central District Leshi, Columbia City, Rainier Beach, Beacon Hill Lake City, Northgate, Maple Leaf, Wedgewood
Fremont, Lake Union, Ship Canal Georgetown, Sodo, Beacon Hill University District, Roosevelt

Table above showcases select coffee shops
in Seattle by neigborhood.... Enjoy!

Updated on: April 7, 2013.

Nifty table eh? It makes it REAL EASY to find great coffee wherever you are in Seattle. We have checked out shops for you - so it's easy to choose! Mostly we try to promote independent / mom-and-pop shops.

Selections? - please consider they are 'our picks'... and only a few in each neigborhood - just enough! (we hope) And this list can (and likely will) change often.

Let's just get this out - giant Starbucks is a big player when it comes coffee in multiple locations.... and our hat is off to them. Unfortunately we won't try to list ALL of their locations... just a few.. fair enough?

So, our site 's goals are simple - to list those fun-to-visit 'independent' coffee shops around Seattle; and all by neigborhood. BaristaBarFly's prime goal.


Please consider bookmarking this site!
Especially if you are on-the-go.
Perfect reference for organizing an impromptu business meet location, or, just to locate a place for yourself (quickly) and escape. :)

Thanks for visiting. Really.

So lastly, here we simply ask -
Is there a place we should list? ...visit?
Let us know!


_____From the BaristaBarFly Daybook

Q Cafe... a cool place near Ballard.
26 Oct 12. 1:10p - Chief Barista, MarCat.
Near Fisherman's Terminal by Ballard, this is a really cool place for both coffee and live music. I took in a Friday eve there and had a grand time... servers were warm, music hot, and the brewed ice tea was exceptional.
3223 15th Ave West. Seattle, WA 98119

Let's start things off right !
10 Mar 12. 12:35p - Chief Barista, MarCat.
A quick search for 'coffee shops in Seattle' yeilded dozens of nifty ideas for your next cup. A few that cought our eye were gleened from :

1) Good friends!

Urban Spoon.

Yahoo Local.

So yeh, there are many, many coffee shops in Seattle. Ok then, with all the BUZZ (and more) we think you'll enjoy messing around with this site.
Thanks again for visiting!

Fun photos to share ? -We gotta few to start:

Who thinks coffee is an alien's drink?

Coffee can really buzz-up a good conversation -
espresso-lly in Seattle!
25 Feb 12. 11:45a - Barista Steve.
When it comes to coffee... welll -
Seattle is wildly exceptional. Nowhere else in the world are coffee shops thicker-than-fleas; and we Seattlites love to enjoy our favorite spots. Some are so special it's amazing only a few know about them. This site was built for just that - SHARING the love... and some great coffee!

BaristaBarFly (Margaret S.) first thought up the idea of a website just to showcase coffee venues in 2010. And from there, ideas included hipster to quirky. So here we are.. finally. With listings broken down to neigborhood, all you have to do is click the link where you are - poof. a few great ideas in a second.. nice. Especially making easy work (for you) on-the-go via your smart phone.

As new as the site is, we have been through a few mods already. The next step is to compile a list filled with information about uber-cool coffee-making equipment -- Please be patient. ;-)

Well, check the table (above) as it showcases neigborhoods in Seattle. Still, if you care to add to our list.... Contact BaristaBarFly! We are always look'in.

Thanks for visiting!

To a new information website
JUST to find Coffee in-and-around Seattle, WA !

14 Feb 12. 9:05a - Chief Barista, MarCat.
Site was launced on happy-heart day..
Feb 14th 2012!


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A look back at
Summer in Seattle 2012!
Below photo galleries are in FLASH-format... FYI !

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Seattle is a hip place to be - especially around any water. These particularly amusing TUGBOAT races scream 'Seattle' in so many ways!

Summer 2012!
Wintrop Blues Festival Gotta admit, it's a long drive from Seattle to Winthrop, but well worth the venture !

ARTOPIA '08 Arts Festival
Much fun was had in the streets of Georgetown - south Seattle.

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